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Managed Repeat Prescriptions

Pharmacies are no longer able to order your repeat prescriptions automatically for you.  Please click on the prescriptions tab for information on ways to order your repeat prescriptions.  

We are now pleased to inform you that we have a Social Prescriber, Renae Powell who has telephone appointments on Friday mornings.  Please click on the Social Prescriber link below to find the services that Renae can help you with.  If you would like more information or to book an appointment please call Reception on 01376 553415.

Overdue for an Asthma, COPD or Diabetic annual check?  Please call reception to book your appointment or book online.  Appointments now available.


February and March 2014

The Building:

  A lovely new building would be nice - lots of space clean - parking.

  Move to a better building, very old cramped surgery. The staff do very well to cope here.

  More car space for the disabled.

  You can get more bigger place due to car park as having to pay to visit the doctors which is not fair. More car park.

  Car parking.

  More room in areas, so enclosed, too crowded.

  Appalling building.

  Car parking.

  The waiting rooms are too small and claustrophobic at times and can be too warm.

  Waiting area could improve. Prams up against disabled toilet. Front door could be made automatic.

  New premises. Staff work well considering working environment.

  Old cramped building they do an excellent job considering.

  Larger car park.

  Could make car park bigger from the back of the building.


The Appointment System:

  I would like to be able to make appointments in advance. Reception staff can be unhelpful on phone, but ok in person.

  Change in the appointment system to that you can make a routine appointment with your chosen

doctor without having to wait several weeks. More doctors to meet demand

  Overall extremely happy. When needed an emergency appointment for my children always been available

  I was spoken to very poorly by the reception staff who was very unhelpful and was also sorting out their mobile phone at the time. This was not a very pleasant experience.

  Today's visit was as usual. Staff and doctor very courteous and caring. I have never had any problems with anything.

  Greater opportunity to make appointments in advance.

  I feel the doctors need longer for appointments for each person as I am always late in getting to see the doctor – in this instance approximately 45 minutes.

  Open during weekends a few hours and some evening.

  The only thing that is a bit of an irritant is the phoning from 8am to try and get through and get an appointment for a specific doctor but I know everyone does their best so probably not a lot can be done to improve this except more lines/receptionist/doctors/hours in a day!

  Not have to phone up at 8am in the morning on certain day - open up more appointments in 2 weeks time. Change a certain rude receptionist.

  Always hard to get an appointment quickly - either same day or within 48 hours, or in advance. When non-urgent, and I work in London 9 days out of 10 is particularly difficult. Also, if have more than 1 thing want to discuss, why aren't we able to book a double appointment?

  It is a nightmare to try and get through on the phone early mornings - when you do all appointments are already taken.

  A problem still remains of not being able to make appointments ahead, but having to ring early on the day needed.

  Working in London makes it difficult to come to the doctors. More often I go to the doctors and need an appointment that morning not in 48 hours. It means taking too much time off work. Evening appointment - 8 o'clock would be perfect.

  I work full time and have a problem getting an appointment that is not important in advance.

  Allow appointments to be made further in advance please.


Telephone lines are always busy and cannot get through in the mornings. Be polite on the

telephone - one person in particular was rude mannered on the call.


  Making an appointment is always difficult. Having to ring up two days before, never sure which doctors are available when. Much preferred being able to pre-book to see my doctor, even if it means waiting a couple of weeks.

  Getting an appointment to see own doctor is a big problem takes weeks of trying.

  I can never get to see my doctor, they know all of my medical history and they know me! When you see other doctors they don't know any of this, therefore you end up with not so good care/treatment than if you would have seen your own doctor. As they are my doctor I should be guaranteed an appointment with them.

  Very new to the surgery. Visited 3 times now and always managed to get an appointment. Haven't had to wait too long in waiting room each time either.

  Have more evening appointments for people who work after 5pm.

  By letting you know how many people are in front of you when you book in to prepare you for your wait (especially when you bring your children in). It's always very hot in the downstairs waiting room.

  Opening on Saturday mornings for collections of medications.

  Ease of getting appointment is difficult due to many people for one doctor - it is getting worse year by year.

  Phone lines to be open at lunchtimes as sometimes difficult to call at other times of the day when working full time. Sometimes the only opportunity I get to call is in my lunch break.

  Easier to get appointment with my doctor.

  Sometimes very rude at the counter and you having to explain why you want an appointment is rude and embarrassing (not very confidential at all).

  Actually be able to get an appointment at 9:30am Tuesday morning all appointments were gone. No flexibility for full-time workers.

  It's hard to make appointments, if you don't call by 08:01 all are gone, something needs to change. Better phone manner for some of the receptionists!

  Saturday surgery. Being able to book more than 48 hours in advance - I am at work in a busy environment at 8:00am!

  It is very hard, to get through on the telephone at 8am, then when you do usually all the appointments have gone,then you have to phone again in 2 days time, to see your chosen doctor.

  Improve waiting times/if your appointment is over running, please tell the patient and not let them sit there getting frustrated. I have a concern with one of the doctors as I think they are incompetent and once prescribed something when their notes clearly say allergic. We alerted them to this as they did not read their file on screen! In general there are some points you need to improve on, notably listen to your patients and do not make assumptions.

  More late evening appointments and Saturday mornings would be good.

  Encourage online booking of appointments.

  The service should match the demands/needs of patients in terms of opening hours e.g. evening and weekend appointments. The practice should have a facility to take blood. Patients can overhear receptionists talking to patients about confidential matters.

  I would like to be able to book an appointment earlier than the present two days.

  The telephones need to be answered far more quickly. A warm understanding telephone manner is needed – every phone call.

  Wider hours and working Saturday. Like to know how to compliment or complain. Open dispensary all day not close lunch. Would like to see my doctor - never possible.

  A walk in morning surgery with no appointment needed, where you just sit and wait.

  To be able to see a doctor of your choice, no real guidelines as to when you need to book an appointment to see your doctor.

  Availability of appointments. Contactability on phone first thing in a morning - impossible!

  On the whole the care at the surgery is good, but it would be nice on the occasions that I have had to go for an appointment if you could see your own doctor sometimes.

  Not enough leaflet information available more information on minor ailments would be ok. Allowed to make appointments in advance - I rarely see my own doctor that would be nice.

  Posters with larger writing (like mobile phones) I did not stand up to read them, nor did anyone else. Give patients who work a long way from Braintree better options at seeing doctors at their convenience it took 3 phone calls during the day to get appointment.

  Booking system should be taken care of, my booking was cancelled twice without a reason. Have been waiting for 1.5 hours it's 6:15pm! Not happy.

  Understanding of the customers needs when booking appointments i.e. it's a non urgent appointment so can I book 3 weeks hence rather than 48 hours prior. Understand that irregular users do not understand how your practice operates. Avoid making assumptions.

  To get an appointment for my doctor is very hard unless I queue before eight in the morning.

  The appointment system is a farce. In my case I started to ring at 8:00 got through at 8:05 all booking taken. Sorry it is not possible.

  To be able to get an appointment when I am ill.

  Open on a Saturday. Being able to book more than 48 hours in advance.

  Hours need to be looked. For people who can make weekends. Telephone appointments need to improve in a big way as getting through on the phone is a nightmare, especially in the morning.



The Staff:

  Very good and friendly.

  Some doctors treat you like numbers not humans - some are very rude and make you feel uncomfortable not what you want when you feel unwell!

  The staff to be more helpful and understanding.

  reception staff are always rude both on the phone and in the practice.

  Employ more doctors.

  Certain members of reception staff need to improve their attitude when taking calls. I have had a member of reception staff be rude to me on two occasions (needs improving).

  Just want to add how excellent my doctors are!

  Very happy with everything.

  The nurses are lovely, it's some of the doctors that need to go back to charm school!

  None this is the best practice I have used. Having lived in London they are much, much worse.

  Most staff are very good. But 1/2 are very very poor.

  doctors should arrive on time i.e. not arriving at 9:10 when the first appointment is 9:00am.

  An excellent practice.

  All expectations are met always.

  More consistency with the doctors in practice. Too many part timers. Patients no longer consider having their own doctor as normal. The web site needs better updating and could be more user friendly.

  I have never had any problems with the practice and can only thank them.

  Friendlier reception staff and easier appointments.

  Yes when speaking to the doctor they listen and don't take call.



  Have no real problems with the practice but I always have problems with the dispensary, always mistakes on collecting a prescription.

  Repeat prescriptions sometimes takes longer than 2 whole days.

  Dispensary needs looking at. We do not get what was ordered sometimes.

  Dispensary poor.

  Dispensary needs to improve, loss of prescriptions is not good enough!

  Repeat prescriptions sometimes get mixed up.




  Return of the name board (in colour) showing doctors.

  Processing of referrals could be improved there are too many situations when only one person can deal with the enquiry and they have not been available or returned calls.

  Fortunately I am in good health and do not visit the GP practice very often but when I did ring for an appointment I was told my doctor had left. I have to say I find this very poor practice to not have your administration staff send a letter to all their patients to inform them!

  I would have liked to have been informed that my doctor was leaving - not to have been told on phone. A letter would have been nice.

  A referral letter was not sent out. I had to ring after a month and ask for it to be sent.

  I have a hearing disability so reception staff talk to me loudly and anyone behind me hears what is said to me. Wouldn't know how to overcome this at reception especially. But having said all the above, have always been treated very well, and once people know I have a hearing problem, more understanding then. Would deaf awareness training in reception be a good idea? Thank you.

  Something in downstairs waiting area to keep children busy, especially as you request push chairs to be left at the door.

  Provide baby changing facilities.

  Too hot in the waiting room (upstairs).

  Baby changing facilities - female and male toilets. New equipment to be in good order, often broken down.
































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