Physiotherapy Information


First Contact Practitioner/Physiotherapist (FCP)

What is a FCP Physiotherapist?

FCPs are highly qualified autonomous clinical practitioners with enhanced skills in musculoskeletal and undifferentiated conditions.

Part of the role consists of:

  • Assessing and diagnosing acute and complex musculoskeletal conditions
  • Identifying possible “red flags” which could be indicating medical pathology instead of musculoskeletal, so patients could be referred to the GP for further investigations, A&E or other specialist services if necessary.
  • Referring for further physiotherapy services
  • Promoting health education and self-management to empower people on how to manage their conditions
  • Requesting further tests: blood/imaging tests

How can a FCP Physiotherapist help?

By making it easier for patients to access to a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist, patients will have quicker access to diagnosis and treatment, helping them to manage their conditions more effectively and recover faster. They help GPs to manage their workload more effectively, and reduce the need for onward referrals.

Booking an appointment with our FCPs

Did you know that you could have access to a FCP Physiotherapist through your GP practice?

We have a dedicated team of First Contact Physiotherapists who offer a range of telephone, video and face to face consultantions.

Patients with possible musculoskeletal conditions are able to book directly through reception without the need of a referral from the GP. Patients can also be referred by other staff in the GP Practice.


How do appointments work?

In most of the cases you will be booked for a Remote Consultation with one of the FCP Physiotherapists (Telephone/Video). They shall ask you a variety of questions in order to get you the best possible diagnosis and treatment options.

The first and more important thing is to rule out any serious medical pathology. This will help to determine the cause of the problem and if the problem would be considered musculoskeletal or medical. Our FCP will arrange and discuss management and treatment options once the diagnosis has been stablished.

Although the majority of patients can be managed effectively via telephone/video consultation in 1 - 2 appointments. If the FCP Physiotherapist considers that a face-to-face appointment is necessary, they shall arrange for you to attend a face to face appointment with the service.